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About us

The company Kullabergsguiderna was founded in 1995 to protect the environment and to give every visitor an extraordinary but safe experience on Kullaberg.
The founders of the company are local entrepreneurs, Joachim Persson from Special Sport School AB and Marcus Petersson from First Camp.
The goal of the company is to improve security on the mountain and to give all visitors a truly memorable experience in the region of Skåne.


Special Sport School AB
One of Sweden’s leading activity and adventure companies

naturum Kullaberg

Our Guide Centre with an exhibition about Kullaberg

Exclusive hotel/ confernce room right by Kullens Lighthouse

Borgen AB
Kick off / Teambuilding activities

Eco-certified hotel in Arild

Bird Walks Kullaberg and bird travels around the world

Fjord o& Baelt
Research Center and Aquarium, where you can see porpoises in the pool

Johan Hammar
Nature photographer