Enviroment work

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One of Kullabergsguidernas goals is to make Kullaberg Sweden’s first car-free environmental zones

Our Environmental policy:

Respect Kullabergs and Kullabygdens limitations
Minimal impact on the nature and culture.
Our activities and events will follow the rules of the nature reserve so that negative impact is minimized. Expanding our business must not be at the expense of nature and culture.

Support the local economy
Wherever possible, our business is to use locally produced products and services. We will strive to hire and engage local people.

Environmentally Customise the whole business
Our commitment to sustainability permeates all of our operations from suppliers through to final products.

Contribute actively to natural and cultural protection
We work actively with the County Administrative Board of Skåne to provide tourism and recreational activities in Kullaberg’s nature reserve that shall be carried out in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Focus on discovery, knowledge and respect
We contribute to research and knowledge of the toothed whales by collecting data on porpoises.
With joy we convey our respect for nature in and around Kullaberg to our visitors.
For our porpoise safaris, we follow the International whale guidelines.

Financial Support
Kullaberg guides also support the following organizations financially:


Kullabergsguiderna is eco-certified through Nature’s Best

Labelling Committee´s motivation (8 May 2012)

An active and pioneering operator that has successfully combined years of experience with young talent. Kullaberg is also the site of exciting collaboration between public conservation bodies and creative enterprise. Expert knowledge, respect and sustainability generate exciting synergies that protect the natural and cultural heritage.

About Nature’s Best

Eco-tourism label Nature’s Best has been launched ten years, since 1 February 2002. The system became the first national label of ecotourism in the northern hemisphere and was developed in collaboration with some twenty Swedish organizations and agencies. Responsible for the label is the Swedish Ecotourism Society which is the principal of this project alongside Visit Sweden. The objective is to provide better and more eco-friendly tourism in Sweden. Nature’s Best today consists of more than 250 quality nature tours from over 80 approved tour operators with an annual turnover of over SEK 200 million in Swedish tourism.

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