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Join us on Sweden’s first whale safari

In the sea around Kullaberg, you can often spot the porpoise – a small toothed whale that looks like a dolphin. See our porpoises close up and marvel at the fantastic Kullaberg scenery with alluring coves and mysterious caves from aboard our RIB.

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We meet in naturum. Please make sure you arrive at naturum 30 minutes before departure. This will give you the opportunity to see Kullaberg’s marine fauna in the aquariums, touch the starfish and watch underwater videos of porpoises. We will then head down to the moorings in Paradise harbour atthe tip of Kullaberg, which is a pretty walk of about 5 to 10 minutes. Besides watching for porpoises, you get to see Kullaberg’s marvellous scenery with alluring coves and mysterious caves from the sea. The trip in the boat lasts 1 hour, but you should calculate 1,5 hours for the whole activity. The porpoise safari will be cancelled when the sea is rough. In this event you will be notified the day before, at the latest. We provide life jackets. Please note that the descent to Paradise harbour is steep in some places and that the path is not asphalted.. 


Nimis tour & Evening tour

Extra-long tours with an even bigger chance to sport porpoises.

Same as our ordinary tour but here we also go a little further to the artwork Nimis and the “country Ladonien”. You will hear all the funny stories about the building and on the way we also pass some of Kullabergs most beautiful places like the Gate, the bird protection area for peregrine falcons and Söftingsgrottan, the deepest cave of Kullaberg. Ab absolutely fabulous trip. 1.5h boat trip, 2h for the entire activity.
Experience the magical coastline of Kullaberg in the light of dusk. Often it is less windy, which makes it easy to spot the porpoises. Also they are more active that over the day. A fantastic tour that start is Mölle habour. This is the tour with the highest chance of seeing porpoises. It is also the tour that is most suitable for people with a disability since it is very easy to get to and into the boat. Meeting point is the middle pier of Mölle habour. Duration: 1.25-1.5h

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What’s the chance to see porpoises?
It’s been fairly distributed over the year, even though June and July seem to be the best months. Also evenings are better than in the day.
Wear clothes according to the day’s weather but remember that it’s colder out on the water. We recommend an extra jacket.
We do recommend to book beforehand since the boat only has 12 seats and the tour often is sold out. Normally a few days ahead should be enough though.
The descent to Paradise Habour is partially steep. Stairs and ladders are provided in some places. The last 20m you have to walk over the cliffs. The guide will assist you at all times. The walk is about 600m long and has an altitude difference of 60m. If you’re worried about the descent, choose the evening tour which starts in Mölle habour.
Since they are wild animals, we can’t guarantee to spot them. Most of our guests who didn’t get to see them are satisfied anyway. You will get a fun boat ride and see the wild nature of Kullaberg. If you would like to try again, we will give you a discount on your second safari.
We only cancel tours due to bad weather conditions. When the wind comes from the west or the northwest, the sea is too rough to go out. In that case we will inform you on our webpage (in the “what’s new” section, upper right corner) at the day before at latest. If you have already booked, we will contact you via phone and you will either get a refund or chose another day.
We don’t have any age restrictions, but we recommend to not take toddlers under the age of two. Keep in mind that the path to Paradise harbour isn’t suited for strollers.
Yes we do, starting from 10kg.
It happens that the porpoises swim close to the boat, but usually they stay 20m away.
Sometimes we see seals that come over hunting from the surrounding islands. There are many seabirds and if you’re lucky you get to see the peregrine falcon.


Kullabergsguiderna is eco-certified by Nature’s best. We believe that showing and informing the public about these amazing mammals will lead to more protection. We try to affect the environment as little as possible and follow international whale safari guidelines. Our boat is a modern four stroke outboard motor combined with a lightweight RIB-boat for lox carbon dioxide emissions.

Northern coast of Kullaberg

Fotograf: Johan Hammar During the porpoise safari the tour goes mostly along the northern coastline of Kullaberg. This is probably Sweden’s most dramatic coastline with caves, enchanting coves, high cliffs and impressive rock formations. It can only be experienced by boat. Furthermore the peregrine falcon breeds here.

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Fotograf: Johan Hammar


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Foto: Lars Strandberg


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